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Potters at Work

Year: 1977, 30 mins
Code: MG-Pot

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Potters At Work follows the daily process of utilitarian pottery making in two villages in southern Japan. A contemplative study of life and work in traditional craft making communities.
Filmed in the traditional pottery making villages, Onda and Koishibara on the island of Kyushu in Southern Japan. The film presents the workshops of Shigeki Sakamoto in Onda and Kumao Ohta in Koshibara.

A multi-award winning film, broadcast on PBS and around the world.

" The viewer becomes a witness, not to an investigation of the ways of clay within a primitive society, but rather to the ways of pageantry within the commonplace." - Craft Horizons

" Silence, time, patience, concentration; four elements elevate the ritual of art to the transcendent. Their convergence attains here the pinnacle of documentary art." - Vie des Arts

" ... a vision of creativity radically different from Western concepts of art-making."
- Cinema Canada

" ...complex in its direct simplicity, and as a result, extraordinarily stimulating." - Mainichi Daily News

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