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Play it Safe: Introduction to Theatre Safety

Length: 81 mins
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Hosted by David Fenner, our "Martha Stewart of Theatre Safety" Introduction presented by Arthur Wagner, Ph.D "These programs will be the cornerstone of our yearly safety campaign" - Carey Lawless Production Manager Graduate Theatre Program, Columbia University, New York "This video is indispensable and necessary beyond measure. If it prevents even one injury it will have paid for itself many times over." - Bart Whiteman, Director of Theatre Montgomery Bell Academy, University of Tennessee 

Both an overview of important OSHA laws and an often humorous look at the basic safety guidelines that every student and theatre worker needs to know. It may also reduce your instructor/staff liability when used as suggested. Video guide and sample test questions included. 

Partial list of topics:
Intent of OSHA laws: How to report an emergency - Purpose of a fire curtain - Three categories of fires and extinguisher use - flame retardant - Safe use of make-up - Blood injuries - Ventilation - Dangers of FIMO and SCULPY - Hearing protection - Clean shops - Responsibility of teachers and staff - Evacuation procedures - Protection of audience members - Real flame on stage - Basics of counterweight operations - Gloves, respirators and goggles - Chemical hazards - Hazards of smoke/fog and "cracked oil" - Hot glue gun hazards - Welding dangers ...and many more! Divided into 6 easy-to-show segments.

82 minutes. 


David E. W. Fenner is dean of the Graduate School at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, Florida. He is the author of The Aesthetic Attitude and Introducing Aesthetics and the editor of Ethics and the Arts and Ethics in Education

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