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Pierre Soulages: Black Light

Year: 1997, 51 mins
Code: AH-Pierre
ISBN: 978-3-86923-059-7

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"When speaking of light, in connection with black,this sounds paradoxical. However, in reality, black is a colour of light. You cannot imagine there to be light without black being there, also", Soulages explains - one of the most important French artists of the post-war period. Not only his paintings, but also his glass window works for the abbey in Conques and his self-designed house in Sète, seem like poems made up of light and space. Using 80 specially selected own works, the brilliant artist talks about the individual segments of his creative period and provides an insight into the philosophy and aesthetics of his poetic work.

Featuring Artist, Pierre Soulages

Director: Reiner E. Moritz
Featuring Artist, Pierre Soulages

"Dem Zuschauer werden 80 Bilder aus allen Schaffensperioden Pierre Soulages‘ in meditativ anmutenden Sequenzen präsentiert, die mit einem handverlesenen Sound unterlegt sind. Kurz: „Black Light“ ist als anspruchsvoller Kulturtrip sehr zu empfehlen." Kerstin Peetz, WDR 3 Resonanzen, 10.01.2012 

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