Physical Theatre 2: A workshop in Biomechanics - screener

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Physical Theatre 2: A workshop in Biomechanics

Year: 2003, 59 mins
Code: KD-Biomech
ISBN: 978-1-921882-16-6

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Meyerhold's theatre and physical training system called Biomechanics puts the physical ability of acting at the beginning of every theatrical working process. The basic principle of Biomechanics is "that if the tip of the nose works, so does the entire body. The entire body takes part in the work of the most insignificant organ of the body. One must, first of all, establish the equilibrium of the entire body. " Before the actor can reach this totality on stage, every moment of his physical actions should be worked out consciously. The video is a documentary of an intensive weekend workshop presented by Ralf Rauker (actor/director and international educator of Biomechanics from Berlin, Germany) in Fremantle, Western Australia in 2002.
The aim of the workshop was to introduce the basic principles and the vocabulary of Biomechanics to the participating actors, teachers and students in theatre arts. Part of the biomechanical training is to analyze each movement and to make clear what is - the preparation - the action - the stop (before the next preparation). The workshop gave a first understanding of this analysis of movement and how it is used in the Biomechanical Etudes.In English

Produced and edited by Kriszta Doczy

Introductory footage is cutesy of Merit Fackler

Camera Kecin Saunders

Music curtesy by Jessica Ipkendanz

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