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Photography Hijacked

Year: 2010, 27 mins
Code: VA-Photo
ISBN: 978-1-921882-34-0

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This documentary film by Australian director and photographer Jack Pam is Based on the highly successful photography book ‘Hijacked.’ Photography Hijacked is a journey through the processes, techniques and outcomes of 12 unique photographers from Australia and America. The idea that individuality of process is what underwrites and makes possible all interesting artwork is explored with each new artist in the film representing a new way of looking at the contemporary medium of photography.

The film is divided into 8 sections containing 12 photographers each photographer is given their own space and presence in the film to represent what they want to say in their own way. This unique structure employed by the filmmaker gives the power and control of the film to the individual photographers themselves. The audience is given the opportunity to step into the world of the photographer where they explain how and why they make their work. The viewer is taken on a ride from the Hollywood Hills of LA, to the Wheat belt of Western Australia to the streets and lofts of New York and into the Rebel Motorcycle Clubhouses of Australia and beyond. You are invited into these worlds with a photographer as your guide as they journey to capture their subject and explain their work.

PRODUCED BY Matteo Bruno

FEATURING: Graham Miller, Dean Karr, Shen Wei, Jennifer Juniper Stratford, Sarah Small, Toni Wilkinson, Gareth Willis, Brad Rimmer, Amy Stein, Karron Bridges, Angela Boatwright, Bill Sullivan.

Prefuse 73 - USA (Warp)
Inch Time - Australia (Static Caravan)
Bloom - Australia
Boxharp - Australia (Hidden Shaol)
Victor Burmon - Australia (Hefty)

Jack Pam is a West Australian photographer, filmmaker, designer and curator. His work with image and sound has been published, collected and exhibited extensively nationally and overseas. He is the Co- Founder and Art Director of Staple Magazine, a Western Australian skate and photography magazine. He is also the Creative Director of mapfilms: a collective of experimental video producers. Jack’s film work has been viewed in film festivals world wide including the 48h Berlin Film Festival where his film “The Rabbit” took out Best Film and Best Cinematography. He is currently working on multiple photography and film projects for web, TV and public exhibition. more

Awards and Grants:
Buzz grant, FYA, 2009
Film and Television Institute, Screen Culture Grant, 2008
Screenwest, Travel Practitioner grant, 2008
Fremantle City Council, Community Arts Grant
Berlin 48H Film Festival, The Rabbit – Best Film, Best Cinematography



“Hijacked Volume one brings together, for the first time, an uncompromising movement of international cultural exchange. Presenting the most diverse and provocative new photography from Australia and America, the book erases traditional boundaries between artists, professionals and emerging talent in order to point towards the future of contemporary photography.” – Big City Press, 2008

“The most important book of photography to come out of Australia in at least five years.” Alistair Foster, Director of the Australian Centre for Photography, 2008

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