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Peter Tscherkassky: Attractions, Instructions and Other Romances

Year: 2013, 77 mins
Code: IN-Peter

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This new DVD compiles eight short films by Peter Tscherkassky, including multi-awarded breathtaking Instructions for a Light and Sound Machine and his most recent film Coming Attractions.
Along "Films from a Dark Room" featuring internationally celebrated Tscherkassky's found footage trilogy - L'arrivée, Outer Space, Dream Work - this new release offers an exhilarating excursion in Peter Tscherkassky's radical cinema.

Parallel Space: Inter-view - 1992, 18 min
Erotique - 1982, 1 min 40 sec
Happy-End - 1996, 11 min
Shot - Countershot - 1987, 22 sec
Nachtstück (Nocturne) - 2006, 1 min
Coming Attractions - 2010, 25 min
Instructions for a Light and Sound Machine - 2005, 17 min
Bonus Track: Ballett 16 - 1984, 4 min

"Tscherkassky numbers among the most important representatives of contemporary avant-garde film thanks to his sure instinct and ability to fuse a stimulating play of ideas with the palpable impact of film, its materiality – regardless whether tender or violent, the results are always stimulating (erotic and funny, intellectual and physical)." - Christoph Huber

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