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Peter Stein in Moscow

Year: 2020, 55 mins
Code: AH-Stein

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Warning: the film is in German language with occasional Russian dialogues. The full English text is available on PDF, dowload it from here.

German director Peter Stein is one of the most dynamic and influential figures on the international theatre scene today. Co-founder in 1970 of the highly-acclaimed Berlin Schaubühne and its artistic director for fifteen years, he left there in 1985 and has since been a guest director of both theatre and opera productions for major companies around the world. 

This programme centres on an in-depth interview with Stein, recorded in Moscow as he started work on the first-ever Russian staging of Aeschylus’s tragedy, the Oresteia, with a cast of leading Russian actors. The project, which took five years to come to fruition, is one that clearly demonstrates Stein’s commitment to theatre as a force for social change. Stein explains the turbulent history of setting up this cultural exchange and the practical difficulties it involved.

He gives his views on Greek tragedy, on the three writers he considers to be the pillars of Western drama – Aeschylus, Shakespeare, Chekov – and on the state of European theatre. He also talks about his major project, a marathon production of Parts I and II of Goethe’s Faust. This fascinating profile also includes interviews with some of the cast of the Oresteia and extracts from television recordings of productions by Peter Stein.

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