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Paul Winkler - Australian Icons

Year: 2009, 94 mins
Code: RA-Paul

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"Filmmaking has always been a journey into the unknown for me. Each new film demands its own trajectory. I might start with a particuliar idea and than after the first 100 feet of exposed film comes back, the imagines tell me which way to go or not to go. 

There is always a kind of pull between me and the material photographed, something opens up. If everything works out fine and the imagines connect to me and i can almost hear the sound they want, it is one hell of elation running through jour body and mind, unbelievable. 
To sum up:my approach to filmmaking is primarily an organic one. The films are a synthesis of the intellect and emotion all filtered through the plastic material of film. I try to let imagines flow freely to the surface
" - Paul Winkler

1 - Sydney Harbour Bridge (1977) 
16mm, colour, sound, 13mins 
Gold Award - Best Experimental, Australian Film Awards 1979 
2 - Bondi (1979) 
16mm, colour, sound, 15mins 
Silver Award - Experimental, Australian Film Awards 1979 
3 - Ayers Rock (1981) 
16mm, colour, sound, 21mins (produced by CINE PRO, Germany) 
Price money, Ann Arbor Film Festival, USA 1983 
4 - Time out for Sport (1996) 
16mm, colour, sound, 17mins 
Best Editing, Ann Arbor Film Festival, USA 1996 
Finalist - Dendy Awards Sydney Film Festival 1996 
5 - Rotation (1998) 
16mm, colour, sound, 17mins 
Directors Choice Award, Black Maria Film & Video Festival, Jersey City, USA 2000 
Best Experimental Film, Melbourne Film Festival 1999 
Finalist, Dendy Award, Sydney Film Festival 1998 
Honorable Mention, Ann Arbor Film Festival, USA 1999 
6 - Bonus: © Paul Winkler (2005) 
MiniDV, colour, sound, 11 mins 
Portraitfilm by Mark Daley, Nicole Reid and Dominik Muench 
Produced in "Avant-garde Film" at Bond University, Australia


The first DVD from the established Australian experimental filmmaker.

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