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Paper Cuts: The Art Of Ghostpatrol And Miso (Artscape)

Year: 2009, 27 mins - PAL
Code: AB-Paper

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The Art of Ghostpatrol and Miso shows the complex and beguiling duality to this young couple's art practice which ranges from fine art drawings, prints, wall murals, cut-outs, life-size paste-ups and soft sculpture installations.

By day, Ghostpatrol and Miso are seen working in their CBD Melbourne studio and artist collective 'Mitten Fortress'. Here, the age-old skills of drawing and the simple tools of their trade - pencils, pen, paper and ink - are celebrated.

By night, as they take to the streets, the city becomes their playground. Showing their loyalty to the traditions of street art, the couple is seen installing a series of ephemeral, life-size 'paste-ups' (works-on-paper literally pasted to a wall). The results highlight the increasing view that quality street art (as distinct from graffiti) far from degrading the urban spaces it occupies, serves only to enrich them.

The program culminates in a collaborative exhibition by Ghostpatrol and Miso called Nesting & Dying. Here, street art aesthetics collide with fine art traditions to transform the Metro 5 Gallery in affluent Armadale. It's an event that shows two young street artists successfully closing the divide between downtown alleyway and uptown art gallery.

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