Outsider Art in JAPAN - Passion for Toys - screener

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Outsider Art in JAPAN - Passion for Toys

Year: 2013, 47 mins
Code: MG-Outsider6

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'Souzou' is a word that has no direct translation in English but a dual meaning in Japanese. It can be written two ways, meaning either 'creation' or 'imagination'.

Outsider Art has its origins in the French word art brut, which described art made by those outside the art scene particularly that created in 19th Century European Psychiatric Hospitals. In The 1940s, surrealists like Dubuffet and Max Ernst became interested in this art, and Outsider Art came to be more broadly interpreted as outside a didactic tradition and outside the boundaries of official culture. It was often unsettling and indecipherable, yet undeniably arresting. While it did not follow the artistic fashion of its time, Outsider Art nevertheless responds to the times in unexpected ways. For this reason Outsider Art has a growing following in world art circles.

Outsider Art has also had an influence on the introduction and development of art therapy programs around the world. In Japan’s art therapy programs, materials are typically made available to the participants without any instruction on what they should make or how they should make it. The results are astonishing and diverse. The work of Japanese outsider artists has now been featured in galleries in London, Lausanne and the Venice Biennale.

Outsider Art in Japan” is a series of films that demonstrates the circumstances of some of these outsider artists, and how their art is created. With immense concentration, with zen like calm, methodically, obsessively, they create mysterious objects and fantastic drawings. The creation is ritual, reality into fantasy, fantasy into reality, revealing a logic that is perplexing yet strangely familiar.

Feutured in Volume 6: Keisuke Ishino, Masatoshi Nishimoto, Atsushi Yokoyama

Keisuke Ishino
Born in 1988. Lives in Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture. He makes "paper dolls which are 25cm〜50cm tall, 20cm〜30cm wide, and 5cm thick." Looking at its size I imagine that it's heavy, but when I lift it I wonder how it's so light!

Masatoshi Nishimoto
Born in 1976. Lives in Sapporo City, Hokkaido Prefecture. He re-creates the buses of Sapporo using wood scraps. In recent years, his interest in the opposite sex has become apparent in his creation of many female dolls, which he makes secretly with wood scraps. His pursuit for detail, which can be seen in the bus re-creations and dolls with movable joints, is sure to amaze everyone.

Atsushi Yokoyama
Born in 1976. Lives in Furano City, Hokkaido Prefecture. He uses flyers and other colored papers to re-create the company mascots of Sato Pharmaceutical, "Sato-chan" and "Satoko-chan." He has already made a couple thousand of these, earning him a close resemblance to the Japanese Buddhist monk Enku, who carved several hundred thousand wooden Buddha statues in the Edo period.

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