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Orson Welles

Year: 1967, 55 mins
Code: CAT-Ors

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Welles was still alive and trying to get his stalled career going again when this documentary was produced.
It traces his life and creativity, with emphasis on his high ideals, the literary influences on his enthusiasms, radio productions like "War of the Worlds", his years with the Work Projects
Administration and men like John Houseman, experiments for the theater with colleagues like Peter Brook, and his budget struggles to go his own way in an entertainment business grown steadily more wary of his unconventional methods. With a wealth of photographs, and clips from some of his less well-known films, including "A Man for All Seasons", "Falstaff", "The Trial", and "Touch of Evil".

Black and White

George Orson Welles was an American actor, director, writer and producer who worked in theatre, radio and film.

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