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One Day After Peace

Year: 2012, 86 mins
Code: DFE-One

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Can the means used to resolve the conflict in South Africa be applied to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict? As someone who experienced both conflicts firsthand,

Robi Damelin wonders about this. Born in South Africa during the apartheid era, she later lost her son, who was serving with the Israeli Army reserve in the Occupied Territories. At first she attempted to initiate a dialogue with the Palestinian who killed her child.

When her overtures were rejected, she embarked on a journey back to South Africa to learn more about the country's Truth and Reconciliation Committee's efforts in overcoming years of enmity. Robi's thought-provoking journey leads from a place of deep personal pain to a belief that a better future is possible.

Can a person who stole the life of a woman’s child ever truly be forgiven? Is acceptance of responsibility the path to sincere remorse? Is the dialogue between perpetrators and victims the key to ending generations of conflict and hate?

One Day After Peace moves through South Africa, Israel and Palestine – three lands scorched and burned for generations – wondering if reconciliation can ever really be achieved.

“This brave and inspiring film puts the process in a global, historical context that helps us glimpse what might be possible…” Urban Times

Erez Laufer was born and raised in Israel, and graduated from the Film and Television department at Tel-Aviv University.

His film Mike Brant-Laisse Moi T'aime won the 2002 Israeli Academy Award for Best Documentary for 2002, and had its international premiere at the Cannes Film Festival 2003.

He has worked on numerous projects with renowned filmmakers Chris Hegedus and D A Pennebaker, including the Oscar-nominated The War Room, a three-part series celebrating Woodstock's 25th anniversary called Woodstock Diary, the documentary, and Only the Strong Survive.

In 2001, Erez joined with "Steps For the Future," an international collaboration of filmmakers working on an HIV/AIDS film campaign project for South Africa, and in 2003 he joined the Africa 10 team to work on a series of films for the 10 year anniversary of South African Independence.

Together with his father, he has recently completed the Darien Dilemma film.

Director and Editor Miri Laufer is the editor of numerous documentary films and TV series, working together with some of the well known directors and documentary film maker in Israel as Uri Rosenwaks, Ibtisam Maraana. In the last 10 years she collaborated with her brother, Erez Laufer, as an editor. For the last 5 years she conducted a thoro research for this project, which is also her debut as director.

Producer Steven Markovitz has produced and executive produced over 50 documentaries, including Project 10: Real Stories from a Free South Africa (Sundance, Berlin, IDFA, Hot Docs, Tribeca). He recently completed the documentary omnibus Congo in Four Acts which has travelled to 50 festivals including Berlinale 2010, Hotdocs and IDFA. In 2008, he produced the feature documentary Behind the Rainbow a feature documentary on South Africa's ANC by Jihan El Tahri for ZDF/ARTE, SBS, SVT, VPRO, SABC and ITVS (USA). Steven produced It's My Life, an intimate portrait of Zackie Achmat, South Africa's leading AIDS activist, the film won five international awards and sold to over 20 countries. He is a founding member of the Independent Producers Organisation (IPO) and has sat on various international juries including Rotterdam and Silverdocs. He has produced feature films and shorts that have appeared at Canees, Toronto, Berlin, Sundance and an Oscar nomination.


The Vera Audience Award, Movies that Matter Festival, Netherlands, 2012

Special mention Jury Award, A Matter of Act Competition, Netherlands, 2012

Winner Best Documentary, Endouvers Doc Film Festival, Singapore, 2012

First Prize, Feature Film Category, Films For Peace- Windcloak-Media Film Festival, Italy, 2012

Jury & Audience Award, Kimera International Film Festival, Italy, 2012

The George and Leah Wilson Jury Award for Feature Film, Show me Justice Film Festival, Warrensburg, 2012 USA

Grand Prix Jury Etudiant, The 11th Paris International. Film Festival on Human Rights, France, 2012

Best Research Award, Docaviv, Israel, 2012

Nominated for Best Documentary, Israel Academy Award, 2012

Jury Award Best Feature, Auroville Film Festival, India, 2012

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