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Noh play “Tale of Genji” excerpts

Year: 1957, 29 mins
Code: CAT-Noh

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Excerpts from the Japanese dance-drama Noh play "Tale of Genji", from the 14th century, performed by Tatsuo Minagawa,Tei Ko, Shizu Nakamura, and Yuki Shimoda, with commentary by the leading Japanese scholar Donald Keene.

The performance is in Japanese, with English explanation. As seen by Keene, Noh plays had a status not unlike classic Greek drama. "The Tale of Genji" - in form a long novel - has been compared to The Decameron, Tom Jones or the work of Proust in its sweep of action and multiple characters

Japanese musicologist. After graduating in European history at Tokyo University in 1951, he took a two-year postgraduate course in aesthetics. In 1955 he went to New York, where he studied with Sachs and Reese, and in 1958 he spent several months in Europe studying musical sources. He returned to Europe four years later to study musicology with Osthoff in Frankfurt and Schrade in Basle (1962–4).

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