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Nederlands Dans Theatre & Jiri Kylian: Three Ballets

Year: 2004, 93 mins
Code: AH-Nederlands

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The Elegance Series is a collection of breathtaking Ballet performances from internationally renowned houses with well-loved Dance Stars. They feature productions by the greatest choreographers that we know today and of course the legacy of the legendary Marius Petipa. 

BELLA FIGURA – NEDERLANDS DANS THEATER I “A journey in time – light and space, addressing the ambiguity of aesthetics – performances and dreams. Finding beauty in a grimace – in a knot of the mind – or in a physical contortion. It is like trying to perform a balancing act on the string of our umbilical cord.” (Jirˇí Kylián) ‘A dream of a choreography’ (De Telegraaf) 

SLEEPLESS – NEDERLANDS DANS THEATER II “Moving – and being moved. Motion – and emotion. I have a fundamental interest in movement in space, between objects, and movements of the soul. The nature of moving is such, that if you move towards something, you automatically move away from something else. Are we really clear in our intentions? Are we really sure, that we want to move towards, or away from…?” (Jirˇí Kylián) 

BIRTH-DAY – NEDERLANDS DANS THEATER III “Between our Birth-day and our Death-day much time and energy, fi lled with creation, desire, love and confusion, is spent… and during much of this time we make fools of ourselves. Mozart, whose music I have chosen for this production, is the greatest example of someone whose time between day ‘A’ and day ‘Z’ was painfully limited, but who nevertheless has understood life in all its richness, fantasy, clownery and madness.” (Jirˇí Kylián)


Choreographer: JIŘÍ KYLIÁN

"Kylián's distinctive style – acrobatic, abstract, always surprising – runs through all three works. The range of the Nederlands Dans Theater also is on display here. The films are beautifully photographed, and the sound is excellent too." (Raymond Tuttle,

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