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Moroccan Dance

Year: 1971, 29 mins
Code: CAT-Mor

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This program is a survey of different types of Moroccan dance as performed by The National Dance Company of Morocco, comprised of dancers from various tribes, in a staged studio performance.

Dancers wear colorful tribal costumes and elaborate head dresses, and are accompanied by a variety of musical instruments, including traditional drums, rattles, tambourines and cymbals. Some dances are also accompanied by chanting and the trilling sound called "ululation." The noted dance authority Faubion Bowers provides commentary about the dance forms and their meaning. The dances and the costumes show a variety of influences from both Arabic and tribal African sources.

The National Dance Company of Morocco, which opened Tuesday night, is not really a company at all. The performers consist of inhabitants of four towns in southern Morocco, and two troupes of boy‐acrobats who are professional in that they perform for a living at Festive occasions. Some of these groups have appeared together at the Marrakesh Festival and other gatherings.

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