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Mekong Alive: Deep in the Tropical Forest

Year: 2017, 52 mins
Code: IC-EXMek1Deep

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Discovering the Soul of South-East Asia
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The first film in the Mekong Alive series offers to discover the course of the river, from its source to its delta. In a succession of spectacular images we will discover the extraordinary geographical route that the Mekong takes, from the Tibetan plateau, down the mountains of the Yunnan Province in China, then in the tropical valleys and the virgin forest of BurmaCambodia, Laos and Thailand before reaching the green plains of Vietnam, bursting with vital energy.

We will have a look at some ethnic groups that still live from gatherings and hunting, according to ancestral rules, even nowadays. Here, in the tropical forest, the river means Life. Here, nature abounds with wild animal species and rare plants and flowers that have to be protected. It is by discovering the rarest of them that we will understand that we face an extraordinary ecosystem, unequalled anywhere else in the world, making a huge contribution to the animal and vegetable diversity of our planet.

In Laos’ tropical forest we’ll discover a whole village still praying to the Gods of Trees, and in Thailand, we will meet with a hunter who will show us how, not so long ago, wild elephant were captured (for the preservation of Asian elephants, this practice has now been forbidden). And in the South of China, we will meet with a producer of natural rubber, on the border of rain forest, capturing the elastic white milk of gum trees. Yet, modern times bring the challenge of a necessary adaptation, and are food for much concern.

Directed and produced by Michel Noll in association with Li Xiaoshan

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