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Mekong Alive: An Uncertain Future

Year: 2017, 52 mins
Code: IC-EXMek5Future

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Discovering the Soul of South-East Asia
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The fifth film of the Mekong Alive series looks at the future of the Greater Mekong. It is by meeting with young people and with those who are in charge of preparing, educating and training them that we will be able to go deeper in search of some answers. 

Buddhist philosophy takes an active part in the planning of the future. In Burma, we will follow the steps of a 10-year old boy going through his initiation by Buddhist monks. Then we will compare his experience with the one of a monk who has been living in his temple for over twenty-four years. We will also meet with other youngsters, who still have a life to make for themselves, like this very young Vietnamese girl preparing to go to school for the first time and a young Chinese girl from the mountain.

As a conclusion, the film puts the Great Mekong and its development in a historical perspective from the first men living from gathering, hunting and fishing to web businessmen proposing to the world to develop business with Internet technology. A region that is worth discovering especially when thinking of the part it will play in the future as the Garden of the World.

Directed and produced by Michel Noll in association with Li Xiaoshan

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