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Matilda and Me

Year: 2016, 60 mins
Code: AB-Matilda

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Matilda and Me tells the story of the Australian debut of the global smash hit stage show, Matilda the Musical, and its composer Tim Minchin.

With exclusive access to the Australian rehearsals of his global theatre hit, Matilda & Me charts the relationship between Tim Minchin and the musical he has become famous for. From London and Los Angeles to the opening night in Sydney, this is the story of the irreverent comedian whose unlikely partnership with the esteemed Royal Shakespeare Company proved the opportunity of a lifetime.

'A fascinating biopic about Minchin and how his childhood love of the writings of Roald Dahl proved to be the composer’s destiny.'  – Holly Byrnes, The Sunday Telegraph

'Joyful…energetic…wonderful stories, the telling is uplifting.' 
- Melinda Houston, Sydney Morning Herald
Awards and Nominations:

Nominated - Best Documentary (Nel Minchin, Nial Fulton, Ivan O'Mahoney)

WINNER - Best Biographical Documentary (Nel Minchin, Nial Fulton, Ivan O'Mahoney)

WINNER - Best Arts Documentary (Nel Minchin, Nial Fulton, Ivan O'Mahoney)

Matilda and Me(2016), Producer and Writer: Nel Minchin
(Fresh Blood Pilot Season (2015) and Making Muriel (2017)



From IF Australia:

Matilda and Me tells the story of Matilda the Musical and its composer Tim Minchin as he brings the global hit home – or at least to Sydney's Lyric Theatre, where the musical's Aussie production opened last year.

The documentary, airing on the ABC April 3, is narrated by Minchin’s sister Nel, who co-directed with Rhian Skirving (Rock n Roll Nerd). 

“Anyone who has a brother or sister knows what it’s like to grow up so close to someone, and yet still be surprised at who they turn out to be,” said Nel.

“It was a chance for me to go back in time and piece together how my brother Tim became ‘Tim Minchin’ right before my eyes.”

The program features the original Aussie cast as they prepare for the Australian premiere, as well as Minchin himself, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Roald Dahl’s wife Felicity, Mara Wilson (who played Matilda in the film version, starring Danny DeVito) as well as Eddie Perfect, Andrew Denton, the musical’s writer Dennis Kelly and director Matthew Warchus.

“When Nel approached me about being involved in a Matilda doco, I was mostly just excited that she (and her co-director, Rhian, who is one of my best mates) had an excuse to come to LA to hang out,” Tim Minchin said.

“But what they've created is really lovely and surprising. They have explored my (unremarkable) origin story, and woven it beautifully into the (remarkable) origin story of this musical… celebrating the worldclass Aussie theatre industry on the way. Clever sis.”

ABC Head of Arts Mandy Chang said:
“This is a story for everyone and the ABC is excited to be airing a new documentary featuring an Australian icon whose musical genius and 30 year relationship with Roald Dahl's marvellous novel culminated in a worldwide smash-hit musical.”

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