Masters of Street Theatre - screener

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Masters of Street Theatre

Year: 2007, 62 mins
Code: EX-Street
ISBN: 978-1-921895-72-2

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A unique snapshot of the brilliant  work of some of the world’s acclaimed street theatre groups: Grouppe F, Studio Festi, Le Quidams, Bambuco and Ulrich - Le Snob.

Grouppe F France
The artistry of acclaimed French pyrotechnicians, Groupe F, is known throughout the world; they have lit up the Eiffel Tower, the Stade de France for the Football World Cup, the Olympic Games in Athens and 2005 New Years Eve celebrations in London.

Studio Festi
The European tradition of the open-air theatre extravaganza is unparalleled in the world of outdoor performance. In a specially-commissioned world premiere presentation, the great Compagnia di Valerio Festi performs a site-specific masterpiece Il Cielo che Danza (The Dancing Sky). Studio Festi's magical production sees dancers appear from the Heavens, emerge from the river and traverse the parkland, some suspended by Baroque, hand-painted, helium-filled spheres, some clothed in dazzling crinolines, some racing skyward along the river banks. A beautiful lightshow accompanied by exquisite music captivates audiences as performers spin and dance above their heads with flying ships, dizzy skywalks and material and ethereal icons floating across the sky.

Le Quidams
Jean-Baptiste Duperray - Compagnie des Quidams - "Herberts Dream" [France] “Herberts Dream Visually stunning” The London Season White figures on stilts emerge from the shadows and slowly transform into majestic four meter high illuminated beings. As the strains of beautiful original music float over the park, these enormous and ethereal creatures begin a strange and enchanting magic rite to raise the moon. Herbert’s Dream has cast its magic over 400 times around the world. Now it’s your turn to fall under its spell.

Simon Barley founded Bambuco in 1998. His artistic background is in spatial design for theatre and dance, and installation sculpture. His motif, especially in dance, was use of vertical space. It still is. In 1993, while sitting by the Yarra River in Melbourne, he began thinking about building his own bridge over the river. A material that was light and inexpensive was needed. For the next two years Simon researched bamboo construction, mainly in SE Asia, and experimented with different systems and adaptations. 1995 marked his seventh year as designer in residence with the contemporary dance company, Danceworks.

Ulrich - Le Snob
Glisssssendo S.N.O.B. – Service Nettoyage des Oreilles Bouchées (Blocked Ear Cleaning Service) The astonishing gliding orchestra from Europe. They move swiftly and silently, morphing as if by magic into transfixing choreographed routines. And all as they play an eclectic repertoire ranging from Philip Glass to Michael Nyman. Catch them before they slide away.

Kostas Metaxas is an Australian Director, Producer, author and editor of a number of works on contemporary art, design, fashion and theatre.

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