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Masters of Jewellery 2011

Year: 2011, 240 mins
Code: EX-Jewe11Pt1
ISBN: 978-1-922007-21-6

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Interviews with designers: the jewellers behind the most exquisite, multi-million-dollar collections of flawless stones, meticulous cuts and virtuoso craft that are fit for a queen.


Fawaz Gruosi, De Grisogono[Geneva]

Sean Gilbertson
, Faberge [London]

Sevan Bialecki [Istanbul]

Kochert [Vienna]
The foundation of Köchert jewellers goes back to the year 1814. Already in 1831, the company was awarded the title "Purveyors to the Imperial and Royal Court", and in 1868 Alexander Emanuel Köchert was appointed as Chamber Jeweller.

Jewellery Theatre [Moscow]

Maierhofer [Vienna]


Van der Bauwede [Geneva]

Deborah Elvira [Spain]

Hemmerle [Munich] Christian Hemmerle
In today's world where craftsmanship, individuality and authenticity are increasingly rare, Hemmerle is one of the last pillars protecting a unique family heritage of superior craftsmanship.

A La Vielle Russie [New York] Mark Schafer
A La Vieille Russie specialises in European and American antique jewellery, gold snuffboxes, and objets de vertu.

Gavello [Milan]

Florian Wagner [Vienna]
The unique use of precious metals and stones in addition to first class workmanship is topic number one at Florian Wagner’s.


Van Gelder Indian Jewels [Amsterdam] Bernadette Van Gelder
The prime specialisation of Van Gelder is traditional Indian jewellery.

Scavia [Milan]

Padova Jewellers [Italy]

Epoque [Brussels] Patricia De Wit
The company was founded in 1958, and it specialises in the very finest jewellery from the 19th and 20th century, with a predilection for Art Nouveau, Garland Style and Art Deco.

RCM [Valenza]

Century [Swiss]


Faraone [Milan] Mr Cesare Settepassi

Mouawad [Lebanon]

Hancocks [London]
There can be little doubt that the rapid expansion by Charles Hancock during the formative years of the Company led to Hancocks being entrusted with the design and production of the Victoria Cross on the inception of the award in 1856.

Moira [London]




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