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Masters of Fashion 2011

Masters of Fashion Series

Year: 2011, 300 mins
Code: EX-Fash11Pt4
ISBN: 978-1-922007-25-4

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6 hours of inspiration! Interviews with Superstar Fashion Designers from all around the world.
An invaluable snapshot of the international fashion world in 2011!

VOLUME 1.  Fashion Europe 2011 

Part 1. 
Fatima Lopez (Lisbon) 
Muelbauer [Vienna]
Klaus Mühlbauer concentrates on headwear, the core business of the company. 
Kinder Agguggini [London]
Gaspard Yurkievich (Paris)  
Christine Berger [Vienna] 
John Rocha [London] 
Felipe Oliveira Baptista [Paris]
Samantha Sotos [Athens] 

Part 2. 
Jasper Conran [London]
Betty Jackson [London] 
Eun Jong [London]
Peachoo Krejbourg
Osman [London] 

Delvaux [Brussels] fine leather luxury goods 
Eley Kishimoto [London]

Part 3
Carine Gilson [Brussels] 
Delight [Athens] 
Ashish [London]
Amya Arznaga [Madrid]
Lukas [Athens]
Emilio de la Morena [London]
Dejana Kabiljo [Vienna] 
Lakis Gavalas [Athens]

VOLUME 2.  Fashion Europe, India, Indonesia, Australia

Part 4.
Guy Laroche [Paris] 
Victoria Kyriakidis [Athens] 
Krug 8 [Serbia] 
Marloes Bhomer
MED [Athens] 
Connie Kaminski [Brussels] 

Part 5. 
Meadham Kirschoff [London] 
Jessie LeCompte [Brussels]
Katerina Alexandraki [Athens] 
Marios Schwab [London] 
Nikos Takis [Athens] 
CR Lukas [Vienna] 

Part 6
Manish Arora [India]
Harry Halim [Indonesia] 
J'Aton [Melbourne]


Kostas Metaxas is an Australian Director, Producer, author and editor of a number of works on contemporary art, design, fashion and theatre.

Doctor of Philosophy (Murdoch University); Post Graduate Diploma in Drama in Education (Newcastle Upon Tyne UK); Diploma of Teaching [C.T.C]; Teaching Certificate [C.T.C]

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