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Martina Kudláček - Notes On Marie Menken

Year: 2006, 116 mins
Code: IN-Martina

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'Notes on Marie Menken' explores the almost forgotten story of the legendary artist Marie Menken (1909-1970) who became one of New York´s outstanding underground experimental filmmakers of the 1940s through the 1960s, inspiring artists such as Stan Brakhage, Andy Warhol, Jonas Mekas, Kenneth Anger, and Gerard Malanga. She was a probable role model of Edward Albee´s "Who´s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" and ended up as a Warhol Superstar. The documentary allows a glimpse into her social and artistic struggle and radical integrity, drawing the picture of a modern myth in personal diary style.

The film presents never-before-seen footage by Marie Menken salvaged from basements and storage vaults, including a camera “duel” for Bolexes between Menken and Andy Warhol. New York composer and musician John Zorn contributes a wonderful film score which will be featured on the forthcoming Tzadik CD “Filmworks XVII”.



Martina Kudláček, born in Vienna, Austria. Studied Theater, Film and Media Arts at University of Vienna. Received an MFA degree in Documentary Film Directing at the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts FAMU in Prague, Czech Republic and many of her films have won awards throughout Europe. Experimental works in photography,Super-8, 16mm film and video. The feature length documentary film In the Mirror of Maya Derenwas her first international success. Kudláček also works as a researcher for Anthology Film Archives, assisting in
preservation projects with the director and filmmaker Jonas Mekas. She is the recipient of the Anthology Film Archives Film Preservation Award 2004.

-Notes on Marie Menken, (2006)
-In the Mirror of Maya Deren, (2001)
-The Last Heroes, (1996/97)
-Aimless Walk / Alexander Hammid, (1996)
-L´amour fou / Ludvik Svab, (1995)
-Maelström der Melancholie, (1995)
-Positivita, (1994)


After bringing new insight to the most famous American avant-garde filmmaker, Maya Deren, Martina Kudlacek now helps us rediscover one of the most influential but neglected women filmmakers, Marie Menken. Mentor of Stan Brakhage and Jonas Mekas, confident of Kenneth Anger, star of Andy Warhol's films from the 60's, and possible model for Edward Albee's Martha, Menken's delicate lyrical yet powerful and often sardonic films are here revealed as part of a complex and often tragic life of a women artist.
Tom Gunning, Film Historian

Martina Kudláček is an extraordinary scholar and film-maker who makes an exceptional contribution to preserve our film heritage. Martina’s work expands our understanding of important artists like Maya Deren and Marie Menken. Only love of cinema!
Jonas Mekas, film-maker/director of Anthology Film Archives


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