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Year: 2009, 98 mins
Code: IN-MaraChris

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Part Time Heroes (2007, color, 33 min)
Running Sushi (2008, color, 28 min)
Burning Palace (2009, color, 32 min)

These three films made in collaboration with the choreographer Chris Haring are explorations of performative processes and filmic narration. Haring stages his productions in bare spaces, from which Mattuschka makes films which correspond to cinematic rules of setting and dramaturgy.

She extends her perspective as a painter into her cinematic approach. Up-close views of the body, from below, from above. Views which distort perspective. With digital retouching, she designs places, architectures, and spatialities. (CastYourArt)

All of these work deal somewhat with a fake factor. Part Time Heroes handles the star concept, in a larger than life way; Running Sushi refers to comics and manga. Burning Palace, on the other hand, is based on The Art of Seduction. (...) For the human body to remain interesting, one must constantly put it in a different light or in another context. One has to look at the body sideways. With this, one achieves a large choreographic change in perspective, because everything is altered. In another context, one also experiences the body in a new way, already because you view it differently. (Chris Haring)

Burning Palace turned out to be a melancholy film. Here, I introduced five people who are in a show at a bar, who live in this hotel and have very different relationships with one another. After the show – they are already sleeping – they are woken by Pan for the night and therefore wake up to the destruction that is held within them. This often has a sexual origin or it’s mixed in together. (Mara Mattuschka)

Bonus Track: Burning Down the Palace

The Making of Burning Palace
AT 2011, color, 5 min

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