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Manfred Neuwirth - [ma] Trilogy

Year: 1999, 89 mins
Code: IN-Man

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Tibetische Erinnerungen
Manfred Neuwirth's filmic travel diary Tibetan Recollections is a particularly private variant of the way to document the distant in sound and pictures. From 1988 to 1995 Neuwirth made frequent, lengthy visits to Tibet where he shot, more by accident than design, a large amount of material. The material is distinctive in its avoidance of the spectacular and the obvious. Instead, the picture collection concentrates on the daily occurrence and the apparently unimportant - an advertisement hoarding, a kettle and a water pump, lucky charms and prayer hangings, and on voices, faces and glances.
(Constantin Wulff)

Manga Train
Somo, sushi, surround sound, pictures and sounds seen and heard in Tokyo, Osaka, Hakodate and Kyoto, recorded in trains and gardens, on the street and in the rain. Everyday moments whose piercing beauty can only be discovered by someone (to use the words of Walter Benjamin) with the sharpened sensibilities of the flâneur who looks for pictures "wherever they are to be found".
"manga train" builds on the basis of a musical structure - announcements from loudspeakers, the clacking of pachinko balls, muted voices, music from transistor radios or the never-ending thunder of traffic on a major road. ...

(Michael Omasta)

Magic Hour
Manfred Neuwirth, who works in the border region between New Media, documentary and avant-garde film, is searching for the first look. His main interest is directed at images and sounds from everyday life which have not been chosen intentionally, but those created en passant which are nevertheless dense and able to communicate a message.
magic hour is the conclusion of a trilogy which takes the viewer from Tibet to Japan and then Lower Austria. When Neuwirth "remembers" in a film, a rare balance is achieved between the archetypical and the unique, that which is wholey rooted in the present; a balance between dream and diary.

(Alexander Horwath)

-Tibetische Erinnerungen 1988-95, 22:26 min,
-Manga Train 1998, 20:45 min,
-Magic Hour 1999, 44 min,
Bonustrack: Barkhor Round, Hörstück Für Kopfhörer

Manfred Neuwirth, born 1954. Studied journalism, informatics and history. Director, producer, cinematographer, media artist in the areas of film, video, sound, installation. Founder member of Medienwerkstatt Wien. Business manager of loop media.

Filmography (Selection):

ASUMA (with Gerda Lampalzer, Gustav Deutsch, 1982);
WOSSEA MTOTOM ¬ Die Wiese ist grün im Garten von Wiltz (with Gerda Lampalzer, Gustav Deutsch, 1983-84);
Heilende Schläge, 1985;
Experten, 1986;
Der Pilot, 1987;
Erinnerungen an ein verlorenes Land, 1988;
Collected Views (with Gerda Lampalzer, 1990);
Wienminuten, 1991;
Vom Leben Lieben Sterben ¬ Erfahrungen mit Aids (with Walter Hiller, 1992-93);
The End Of The Gang Of Four, 1993;
Bildermacher, 1993-94;
barkhor round, 1994;
Im Gedächtnis, 1995;
Tibetische Erinnerungen, 1988-95;
manga train, 1998;
magic hour, 1999;
balkan-syndrom, 2000;
change, 2001; HH, 2002;
Bilder der flüchtigen Welt, 2003;
Bilder, die das Herz schneller schlagen lassen, 2003;
Private News, 2003;
Tibet Revisited, 2004;


With his sensitive awareness, Neuwirth, got hold of dream-like pictures, which in his words, he allows to clatter, make loud noises, hum, thunder and sing.
(media biz)

Neuwirth´s complete unique trilogy of both dream- and diary-like videos which led him from Tibet to Japan and, finally, to Lower Austria, where he was raised and where he still lives. In his use of original surround sound and slow-motion images he captures the personal and the everyday with rare poetry.

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