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Manet: Portraying Life

Exhibition on Screen

Year: 2013, 91 mins
Code: SEV-Manet

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Manet’s portraits are rarely afforded such close attention as they are given in this exquisitely crafted and insightful film presented by art expert Tim Marlow.

Manet’s portraiture comprised about half his work, giving life on canvas to family, friends and the literary, political and artistic figures of the day. The DVD includes a detailed, excellently constructed biography of Manet and a delightful picture of 19th century Parisian society.

The viewer is allowed a rare look behind-the-scenes at the preparation and curating of a major exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts of one of the greatest artists of all time.

With subtitles available in Dutch, English, German and French.

“The film proves that seeing an exhibition through a camera (especially an HD one) is far better than not seeing it at all”
“Vividly told life story” “enlightening”
- The New York Times

“Paintings shown in breath-taking detail”
- The Daily Mail

“Art lovers who can’t travel to London to see Edouard Manet’s portraits at the Royal Academy of Arts will now be able to watch a film about the show at movie theaters from Argentina to India.” - The Washington Post

“Sound, informative & intelligent” - The Observer

“live streaming of art is the brainchild of documentary maker Phil Grabsky who began the idea of bringing exhibitions to life in cinemas with the National Gallery and its 2011 Leonardo da Vinci exhibition”
- The Independent

“…slickly produced documentaries” - AP/Huffington Post

“No crowds, no aching legs – and the chance to examine the art” - The Times

“Considering how uncomfortably packed the Royal Academy was when I visited this week, the film is an enticing alternative.” - The Economist

“…a treat for the eyes” - The Globe and Mail

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