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Making Muriel

Year: 2017, 58 mins - PAL
Code: AB-Muriel

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Making Muriel takes us behind the scenes as Aussie film classic 'Muriel’s Wedding' is turned into a world-first stage musical. But with the starring role based on director P.J. Hogan's real sister, and immortalized by Toni Colette, the question is: who is good enough to be Australia's 21st century Muriel?

Making Muriel examines the enduring popularity of Muriel’s Wedding, the origins of the story and characters and how – 23 years after becoming a surprise box office hit – the uniquely Australian female protagonist Muriel Heslop will be reinterpreted for the stage.

Directed and produced by Nel Minchin (Matilda and Me), produced by Ivan O’Mahoney (Hitting Home, Caged), and executive produced by Nial Fulton (Hitting Home, Matilda and Me) from In Films Pty Ltd., Making Muriel chronicles the full creative process up to the world premiere of Muriel's Wedding The Musical at the Roslyn Packer Theatre (Sydney) in early November 2017.

With unprecedented access to the STC production process, archival footage was pieced together with interviews from Hogan, the film’s producers Jocelyn Moorhouse (The Dressmaker) and Lynda House, musical cast and a few surprise guests, giving audiences an exclusive look at the journey from screen to stage.

“We are following up Nel Minchin’s wonderful documentary debut, Matilda and Me, with another musical theatre documentary about the making of a musical based on the hit film, Muriel’s Wedding,” said Mandy Chang, Head of ABC Arts said. “Nel and In Films have amazing access to the behind-the-scenes casting and rehearsals process and the story makes exciting viewing, not only for audiences who grew up loving Muriel’s Wedding but for anyone who enjoys watching the creative process unfold.”

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