Lucy Guerin Inc: Aether - screener

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Lucy Guerin Inc: Aether

Year: 2005, 54 mins
Code: LG-Aeth

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Guerin generates intricate and chaotic dance which exists in a texture of signals, messages and data created by award winning motion graphics designer Michaela French.
Aether is a new full-length dance work that explores the integration of projection, sound and movement. It is inspired by the increasingly invasive onslaught of communications we receive through email, phone, newspaper, television, billboards, radio, mail, fax, internet, text messages and myriad other forms for disseminating information. Aether examines the overwhelming sophistication of contemporary communication and the problems that still remain with expressing ourselves in simple human interactions.
Aether features five of Melbourne’s most accomplished dancers, Antony Hamilton, Kyle Kremerskothen, Kirstie McCracken, Byron Perry, and Lee Serle. Choreography: Lucy Guerin

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