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Long Shot Close Up: Andreas Gursky

Year: 2011, 100 mins
Code: PAR-Gursky
ISBN: 978-3-86923-034-4

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Andreas Gursky (born 1955) is one of the most successful contemporary photographers in the world. For two years, filmmaker Jan Schmidt-Garre accompanied the photographer in the creation of his famous work “Hamm, Bergwerk Ost”. From the earliest stages of conception to actually taking the photographs and then digitally processing the final image to the final setting and mounting, he traces the course of the photograph to its final destination in the collection of the Ukrainian collector Victor Pinchuk.

In an amenable and open manner, Gursky himself, along with experts and mentors such as Werner Spies and Hilla Becher, introduces us to the technical and aesthetic approach to his art.

The film traces the distinctly methodical approach used by Gursky when working with the large man-made spaces, such as commerce and tourism, he is drawn to and reveals his processes in researching his material at length before the final photograph is taken and often altered digitally before printing.

Also available on DVD.

Jan Schmidt-Garre is a German film director and producer.

"Es sind globale Einsichten, die der Film und das Gespräch anbieten. Doch die Qualität dieser Film-DVD steckt, wie in Gurskys Werk, auch und gerade im Detail - sie wird so ihrem Subjekt formal wie inhaltlich gerecht und damit absolut sehenswert." Horst Klöver, Photonews, February 2011

"Dabei erweist sich Schmidt-Garre als Meister der Unmittelbarkeit: Er zieht den Betrachter ins Geschehen, als wäre er Teil davon. Ergänzend gibt es ein 40-minütiges Interview, in dem Gursky selten freimütig über sich und seine Arbeit spricht." Architectural Digest, February 2011

"Alles in allem: Eine aufschlussreiche "Art Documentary"-Produktion, die man sich […] unbedingt besorgen sollte." Informationsbrief KUNST, April 2011

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