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Living With Walls

Year: 2015, 90 mins
Code: IC-Living

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Since the beginning of Time and the occurrence of human endeavor, Walls have been
built to protect from unwanted invasions. The Great Wall of China is maybe the most
prominent exemple of them. But also entire towns have been surrounded by ramparts
still visible today. Nowadays, some walls are built to separate people of the same land or

Before its fall in 1979, the Berlin Wall would be the most famous exemple of them. Belfast (Northern Ireland), Nicosia (Cyprus) and Bethlehem (Palestine) are three cities divided even today by walls of separation. Their Citizens are either denied access to certain areas of their homeland, or are subject to severe controls when crossing from one side to the other.

This film, beyond political considerations, looks at what living with walls means for the
life of some residents of these three cities and observes with subtlety how it affects their
daily existence. Specific cases identified within the heart of the separation issue leave us with the question what these walls really achieve compared to what they are supposed to deliver, to all citizens concerned.


Directed by Sherif Fathy Salem
Editing: Axelle Schatz
Produced by Sherif Fathy Salem & Michel Noll

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