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Living Art in Papua New Guinea

An art book for the digital age - by Susan Cochrane

Year: 2013, 68 mins
Code: SCO-Living1
ISBN: 978-1-922007-68-1

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These film clips are in addition to the e-book: Living Art in Papua New Guinea.
If your school subscribed to see the video clips you should find the link to the e-book using  your library catalogue.

The 243 pages multi-layered electronic book is an art book for the digital age. It will enrich your imagination and visual experience with the living arts of Papua New Guinea.

Living Art presents artworks and cultural performances that are astonishing in their dramatic visual effect and virtuosity. It is a highly visual experience of Papua New Guinea's spectacular cultures and artistic wealth for many readers and viewers who have not experienced Papua New Guinean art in its own setting and context.

‘Kastom and Contemporary Culture’ and 'Village • Urban • Global’ are the interlinking themes through which Living Art presents ideas about art, artists, creative processes and aesthetics. Moving across Papua New Guinea’s diversity of environments and cultures we locate innovative artists from rural villages, to downtown Port Moresby, to the international stage. We see how Papua New Guinea artists network and negotiate the linkages between local, regional and global art worlds. As we explore the Living Art of Papua New Guinea of today our ideas about what art is may be challenged.

The interplay between text and interactive elements adds to the reader’s experience visually and intellectually. All individual interactive elements in Living Art have been carefully researched to extend the beyond the format of a conventional art book. The visual spectrum of images is greatly increased through virtual galleries. Hyperlinks to exhibition websites, online catalogues and essays extend the interpretation of images. With embedded video clips, you-tube links and image galleries, Living Art brings alive the multiple contemporary realities of art and life in Papua New Guinea.

This art book for the digital age is the culmination of thirty years research, writing and curating activities in Papua New Guinea.

Interactive e-Book - 243 pages (ask your librarian)

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Susan Cochrane (b.1949) has achieved recognition as a writer and curator on Indigenous Pacific art in Australia and internationally over thirty years as an independent researcher, curator and writer. Growing up in Papua New Guinea gave her a special interest in her own generation of artists and their remarkable achievements. She has undertaken many collaborative projects with Indigenous artists, academics and museum professionals, resulting in landmark exhibitions and publications on art in the contemporary Pacific.

Contemporary Art in Papua New Guinea (1997)
Bérétara: Contemporary Pacific Art (2001)
Art and Life in Melanesia (2007)
A Black and White Family Album: Mother and Daughter Memoirs of Papua New Guinea (2007)

Editor and contributor
with Hugh Stevenson, Luk Luk Gen! (look Again: Contemporary Art in Papua New Guinea (1990)
with Jiunshyan Lee, Across Oceans and Time: Art in the Contemporary Pacific (2007)
with Max Quanchi, Hunting the Collectors: Pacific Collections in Australian Art Galleries, Museums and Archives (2011)

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