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Lisl Ponger - Travelling Light

Year: 2004, 60 mins
Code: IN-Lisl

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Lisl Ponger´s photographic and cinematic work investigates the circumstances of places and their territorial occupation by the camera, the acquisation of images, the function of photographic and cinematic representation, and the presentation of cultural values. Her works are characterized by that which is no longer present, which refers to that which is already absent. This is a latent component of each of her images and at the same time the particular political stance of her works.
(Amine Haase)

-Passagen 1996, 11 min,
-Déjà Vu 1999, 22 min,
-Phantom Foreign Vienna 2004, 27 min

Lisl Ponger, visual artist (film, photography). Lives and works in Austria. Attended School of Graphic Arts in Vienna. 1988 Austrian National Prize for Young Film Makers. 1994 Austrian National Prize for Film Art. 2003 Lower Austrian Prize for Visual Arts. 1998/99 and 2001/2002 Visiting Professor for Art Photography at the University of applied Arts, Vienna. Her work was presented by many international film festivals, major museums and cinematheques around the world.

Filmography (Selection):

-Semiotic Ghosts, 1990;
-Passagen, 1996;
-déjà vu, 1999;
-Phantom Fremdes Wien, 2004;
-Semiotic Ghosts, 1990;
-Passagen, 1996; déjà vu, 1999;
-Phantom Fremdes Wien, 2004;


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