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by Bert Shapiro

Year: 2012, 26.75 mins
Code: PE-Tango
ISBN: 978-1-922007-81-0

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Enter the world of tango, with its welcoming community, irresistible music, closeness and joy that brings everyone together.

“Let’s Tango” is a fun and inviting look at the dance that’s now connecting new friends and enjoying a worldwide renaissance. “…You walk in, you take that first step and this whole world is opened up to you” You’ll meet renowned teachers and see dancers of all levels, discover the tango embrace and experience exhilarating tango dancing in a private home, famous clubs and on the streets of New York City, Los Angeles, Lancaster, Pennsylvania and Barcelona, Spain.

You’ll drop in on tango lessons and see first-hand the fun and excitement of dancing tango. “…You don’t need a lot of lessons to dance simply in a social setting.”
See how the universal language of tango attracts people from all backgrounds. It’s a dance for everyone, regardless of age, shape, size or ethnicity. Discover how connecting with your-self and new friends, and sharing fun are just some of the secret ingredients in tango.

The dance for people who think they can’t dance.

Why “Let’s Tango” Bert Shapiro

“Don’t bother, you’ve got two left feet, you are treading on my toes, find another girl, just forget it”

So that was the way it was until years later I heard tango music, it was irresistible, but I can’t dance…so I start to make a film and began to learn about tango from behind the camera. During one filming session I was approached by a lady who asked me to dance, she was not interested in my excuses and gently pulled me onto the dance floor, and I was off! Holding tight and just walking I heard the music and rhythm and suddenly I was moving and laughing and caught up in the experience. Later I’m doing secret steps in the kitchen.

I check out old and new tango films, see theatre performances, read tango books, find local clubs on-line and look forward to the next filming session. But I’m already hooked by my passions, the music, the spirituality, the sensuality, it’s inexpensive, no need for fancy clothes and I’m making new friends. Now I’m going to a milonga and now I want to encourage others to say ‘tango, I can do that’.

"Music, feeling, sensuousness wow! I just took my first lesson" - Lou Muzekari. S.Carolina

"After seeing this film, run right out and sign up for a lesson" - Sue Scholer, Pennsylvania

"This film makes me want to have an affair with tango." - David Harper, Florida

"I was engaged, entertained and inspired" - Nick Leone, Professional dancer.

"NYC From a person whose experience of Tango has been limited to the movies, with beautiful Latin people and exotic visuals, I now see Tango as I've never imagined it. Your film is a glimpse into something wonderful and mysterious and the magic of Tango is ever so evident in the faces of ordinary people who simply love Tango. While your film speaks clearly of sensuality and "the connection," and you give us a fascinating peek at basic steps and structure... I don't feel teaching or demystifying Tango was your intent. For me, Tango is still a mystery that seems only understood by those who master it, but your wonderful film has touched me and I feel a not so subtle, but intimate invitation to give it a try." - Wayne Miller, New Jersey

"A precious film. Elegantly took me through the Tango by various paths of life, those who want a little adventure, a little love and something of passion. Tango isn't just a dance, it's a way of life and love, to fuse and be in fluid and intense harmony. I hope that through Bert Shapiro's documentary the Tango will be revived in the hearts of future generations, where couples connect physically and spiritually thanks to the dance without an equal."
- René Bijloo, Alicante, Spain.

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