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Len Lye - Rhythms

Year: 1935-1980, 47 mins
Code: RV-Len

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Len Lye pioneered "direct film," film made without a camera, by painting and scratching images directly onto celluloid, by reworking found footage, by casting shadows of objects onto unexposed film, and by experimenting with a number of early color techniques.


A Colour Box 35mm 1935, 4 mins.
Kaleidoscope 35mm 1935, 4 mins.
The Birth of the Robot 35mm 1936, 7 mins.
Rainbow Dance 35mm 1936, 5 mins.
Trade Tattoo 35mm 1937, 5 mins.
Colour Flight 35mm 1938, 4 mins.
Swinging the Lambeth Walk 35mm 1939, 4 mins.
Color Cry 1953, 3 mins.
Rhythm 1957 b/w 1 min.
Free Radicals 1958-1979 b/w 4 mins.
Particles in Space 1967-1980 b/w 4 mins.
Tal Farlow 1960-1980 b/w 2 mins.

Leonard Charles Huia Lye, was a Christchurch, New Zealand-born artist known primarily for his experimental films and kinetic sculpture.

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