Larrikin Lad - Warren Fahey - screener

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Larrikin Lad - Warren Fahey

Year: 2013, 53 mins
Code: REB-Larrikin

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One hour biography/documentary on Warren Fahey and his work in folklore, music and the arts plus bonus films including 'Damned Souls & Turning Wheels' the 25 minute Biennale of Sydney film on Cockatoo Island's fascinating history. 'Larrikin Lad', has already been screened on SBS and several international film festival.

When people meet Warren Fahey they often recognize him as ‘that music man'. Warren is a larrikin who brought world music to Australia and Australian music to the world. As one of our foremost cultural historians, specializing in folklore, Warren Fahey sees himself as a 'recycling unit' and interpreter who makes relevant what has gone before.

From humble beginnings in the 1960's when he scoured the Australian countryside for interesting stories, tape recorder in hand, to the lofty highs of running multiple records labels, Warren Fahey is a powerhouse - folklore collector, cultural historian, author, writer, broadcaster, record producer, songwriter, raconteur and performer. Through song, verse and stories he reminds us of our unique and multi-faceted Australian cultural heritage.

Warren has been honored with a swag of awards including the Order of Australia, Prime Minister’s Centennial Medal, Golden Gumleaf Heritage Award, Australian Music Person of the Year and, in 2010, Australia’s highest award for music, The Don Banks Music Award.

Extra Features:
* Dammed Souls & Turning Wheels (Videos Installation)
* Field Audio Recordings
*Australian Bush Orchestra Performances
* “Tiger & Lightning” modern adaptation

Warren Fahey AM is a folklore collector, cultural historian, author, broadcaster, record and concert producer, visual artist, songwriter and a performer of Australian traditional and related historical music. Read more at

Directors: Rebel Penfold-Russell, Pat Fiske
Producers: Rebel Penfold-Russell, Adam Bayliss
Editors: Laura Zusters, Lindi Harrison
Camera: Pat Fiske, Adam Bayliss, Rebel Penfold-Russell
Additional Camera: John Whitteron, John Brock
Animator: Sebastian Danta
Compositing: Mic Gruchy
Additional Music Composed and Produced by Guy Gross Sound Sonar
Sound Mixer: Luke Mynott ADR
Engineer: Wes Chew
Sound Editor: Thom Kellar
Financial Controller: Angela McWhirter

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