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Artists devoted to keep Flamenco alive in Los Angeles

Year: 2011, 61 mins
Code: NM-Kump

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The mysterious pull of an old Spanish Romani art on a group of contemporary musicians in Los Angeles is the essence of the documentary Kumpania. These artists love flamenco and are devoted to keeping it alive in the city.

Flamenco’s genesis is the music of outcasts in Southern Spain hiding from extreme forces of prejudice. Hundreds of years later in Los Angeles, the artists of Kumpania reach back in time to summon the gods and demons of the original flamencos.

Kumpania - a Romani word meaning “people who travel the same territory” – follows one collective of artists whose paths intersect much like the freeways they drive from homes in Long Beach, Downey, Moreno Valley, Burbank, Woodland Hills, North Hollywood and Santa Barbara to perform with each other all over Los Angeles.

Executive Producer Kevin Dunn is a veteran actor of more than 100 films and TV shows.”I was a journalist for decades starting at City News Bureau in Chicago and The SouthTown Economist, publishing in the Chicago Tribune, The Chicago Reader and Newsweek, among other periodicals.

As a teenager, I studied at the Art Institute and American Academy of Art; graduated Northwestern University in 1980. Later, I was Image Editor and columnist at the Orange County Register and founded the Mt. Wilson Observer newsweekly.

The first time I saw the flamencos performing at Hollywood Studio Bar & Grill, I was overcome – by their hunger to perform, by their longing to have an audience, and at the same time their desire to be the best artists they could be for each other.”

“It’s a little jewel, this documentary about flamenco performers in Los Angeles. I enjoyed it immensely. Katina Dunn has done a wonderful job." - Justin Coe RTVE Spanish National Radio.

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