KODAK: Shooting For Drama - screener

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KODAK: Shooting For Drama

Year: 1994, 55 mins
Code: AFT-Shodr

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Robby Muller’s credits include Repo Man, Paris Texas, To Live and Die in L.A. Peter James shot Alive!, Rich in Love and Driving Miss Daisy. Both were given the same script and set constraints. The beautiful images they created reflect their different backgrounds and philosophies on the art and business of filmmaking. Muller creates a moody and impressionistic feel that is characteristic of his approach. James on the other hand neatly sidesteps the problems caused by a cyc too close to the set and creates a wider view ofthe windswept dusty cafe. Both men prove to be generous teachers, sharing many creative and technical insights that come from years behind the camera. The video culminates with a split screen comparisons of each cinematographer’s finished piece.

Robby Müller was a Dutch cinematographer best known for his collaborations with the film directors Wim Wenders and Jim Jarmusch. Müller died on 3 July 2018, aged 78. He had suffered from vascular dementia for several years.

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