Kizomba: Beginner - screener

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Kizomba: Beginner

by Christian Jean-Francois and the Latin Quarter

Year: 2011, 72 mins
Code: LQ-Kizombaintro

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Kizomba is a new, increasingly popular, dancing phenomena. Kizomba, meaning ‘to party’, originates from Angola. It is a fusion of Samba from Angola and Zouk from the French Caribbean Islands. It is characterised by smooth, seductive rhythms and is a very sensual dance. A Partner Dance which is equally as progressive to learn as salsa.

Kizomba is impressive to watch and stimulating to dance. This is the beginner’s handbook to learn how to move in minutes and get out on the dance floor. This Kizomba tutorial is 70 minutes long and will teach you 15 new moves , which you can practice on your own or with a friend. You can progress at your own pace in the comfort of your home, allowing you to repeat and practice these moves and build your confidence. With Christian Jean-Francois (UKA /ELCDA) and Danusia Janik from the Latin Quarter Dance School.


Christian Jean-Francois, from the French Caribbean, has had a long career in the music and dance industry, having founded both Latin Quarter and JFC Records / JFC Music. He is now a sought after Salsa and Kizomba DJ, featuring under the name DJ Christiano.

He is also a dance performer having competed in both The South East Salsa Championships and the King & Queen of Salsa Competitions in addition to being a UKA Gold Star Medallist and now currently performing with Los Mandrelles. Christian teaches Salsa, Rueda de Casino, Kizomba and Kizomba de Roda.

His popularity and innovative teaching methods were recently recognised as:

Award winner ”Kizomba Teacher of the Year” 2015 LUKAS AWARDS
Runner up ” Kizomba Teacher of the Year” 2014 LUKAS AWARDS
Award winner ” Best Male Kizomba Teacher” 2011 KIZOMBA LINK

Danusia Janik started dancing at the age of 7 and danced Ballroom and Latin American for over 10 years, competing in competitions around Poland. When she came to UK she discovered Salsa and Kizomba and found her true passion! 
Shirene Solak was born in Edinburgh and raised in Turkey. She’s an independent dancer, teacher and choreographer, specialising in Bellydance, Salsa, Bachata, Reggaeton, Burlesque and more recently has fallen in love with Kizomba. Shirene began her dance career in her early 20’s, and she soon realised that dancing gives her great satisfaction and enjoyment. Initially her passion to teach surfaced progressively, but the demands for her specialist dance skills gave her the inspiration and confidence to start teaching dance and also to perform.

Disc 1: Music: Mister Nino, from the album ‘INTENSIVE’, Produced and Directed by Judex Surpin for Globexa Ind. Ltd., Main Videographer and Editor: James Thomas, Videographer: Markus A. Ljungberg, Additional Camera Operator: Joseph Unegbu. Disc 2: Music by Mister Nino, Video production by Kings Cross Media, Photos: Eulanda Shead

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