Kiss of Art - Volume 1: Challenges and Choices - screener

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Kiss of Art - Volume 1: Challenges and Choices

Eduardo Kac, Michael Burton, Shen Shaomin

Year: 2010, 22 mins
Code: EX-Kiss1
ISBN: 978-1-921895-23-4

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Interview with Eduardo Kac, Michael Burton, Shen Shaomin.

The series “Kiss of Art” is about a romance between art and technology, it is a tale of a human in love with a machine. Each episode attempts to capture the fleeting moment of fascination and genius present in the process of artistic exchange. The contemporary muse breaks free of conventions, her kiss of art does not discern between robot engineers, conceptual animators or graphic designers.  Such ephemeral instances of warmth can now be communicated between a machine and a human by means of intuitive interfaces. The impulse of our touch can incite a hybrid plant to sing in response and the digital video technology admits us entry into the world of exciting and dangerous new ecologies. Kiss of Art is a series of contemporary art inspiration and creative brilliance.

Eduardo Kac
Eduardo Kac (born Brazil 1962) is an American contemporary artist internationally recognized for his interactive net installations and his bio-art. Kac considers himself a "transgenic artist," or "bio artist", using biotechnology and genetics to create provocative works that concomitantly explore scientific techniques and critique them. In 1997 Kac was the first person to have a microchip implanted in his body. He did this in the context of his work "Time Capsule", as a form of social commentary, in that it causes us to think deeply about the relationship we hold with technology

Michael Burton
Michael Burton (born UK 1977) works on the edge of speculative design and art. He creates objects, images and films as insights into richly imagined scenarios of the future. His work explores health and climate, challenges and the choices we face in evolving as a species. Burton exhibits internationally, most notably at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. He leads a collaborative practice, working with organisations and individuals including scientists, performers, choreographers, designers and architects.

Shen Shaomin
Shen Shaomin (born China 1956) has connected art and life, craft and the mechanical, in major sculptural installations covering themes of war, futuristic crisis, scientific abomination and the manipulation of nature. One of the most critically and socially aware of contemporary Chinese artists, his works use ancient Chinese culture to comment on contemporary ecological issues, politics and technology. In the early 2000s, Shen created a series of imaginary, ‘extinct’, monstrous creatures made from bone. In 2010 Shen has presented a hypothetical meeting of the most significant communist leaders in history whose life-sized bodies rest in crystal coffins.

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