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Ken Russell

Year: 1973, 56 mins
Code: CAT-Rus

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Filmmaker Russell explains his career, his film ideas, his interest in art and music, his attitude toward actors, etc. in a free-wheeling conversation with British author Colin Wilson, heavily illustrated with clips from several Russell films.

Much of Russell's work has proceeded from his observations about heightened reality, as in surrealism, and his conviction that "the 19th century artists could see no reason for optimism. Their works were often depressing. But we have come through so much; I see man as a heroic animal. There is something in everyone that, given even a small chance, will overcome any disaster."

"The written word takes a long time and the mind censors it. But in a film there is no time to erect a barrier; an image comes on and we are caught."

With film excerpts Russell explains cinema problems and solutions in his "Billion Dollar Brain", "The Boy Friend", "The Devils", "Women in Love" and "Savage Messiah" as well as early work no longer in circulation.

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