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Compagnie Pal Frenak

Year: 2010, 48 mins
Code: PFR-Kaosz
ISBN: 978-1-921895-45-6

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K.áO.sz! was originally inspired by Bizet’s Carmen, the famous romantic melodrama of wild passion, debauchery and betrayal, but it is definitely not a mere remake or paraphrase of this classic opera. On the stage carefully set up by Frenák, through mixing together the myth of opera with other elements taken from the world of circus and wrestling, as well as with the fashion creations of Tamás Király, it becomes a dynamic, physical dance theatre.

The stage-setting is not ordinary: coffee-bar tables and chairs around a boxing ring in the middle: a real arena where a powerful and daring dance-struggle takes place. Again and again new figures come into the ring to fight with each other and with themselves. Fanatic lovers, enemies, ones seeking vengeance, debauchers and victims: passionate about each other. But this boxing match is a public attraction: not only do the „players” participate in the piece, but also the spectators. The dancers – players of this harsh and raw fighting – interact with the audience. In the chaos of bodies, noises, mysterious lights and cigarette smoke no one can be sure who is a spectator and who is a dancer.


Compagnie Pál Frenák

Dancer and choreographer Pál Frenák was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1957, as the youngest of eight children. His childhood was determined by the fact that both of his parents were deaf; his first means of self-expression was sign language. Following his father’s early death, he spent 7 years in an orphanage, before he started to study classical ballet, folk dance and modern dance in Budapest. Later he immigrated to Paris, France and studied classical ballet, Cunningham and Limon techniques and contemporary dance with Gilber Mayer, Germaine Silva, Janine Charrat, François Dupuy, Karine Wener, J.C. Ramseyer and Peter Goss. He founded his dance company in Paris: Compagnie Pal Frenak.


SCRIPT Andy Varga
PERFORMERS Viktoria Kolozsi, Krisztián Gergye, Lisa Kostur, Kristof Varnagy, Nelson Reguera, Kata Juhász, Ádám Zambrzycki, Péter Takátsy, Emese Janter, + 2 boxers provided by a local boxing club
MUSIC Fred Bigot
SET CONSTRACTION Peter Kis, László Ferenczi
LIGHTING Janos Marton
SOUND Hajas Attila
TECHNICIAN Laszlo Ferenczi

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