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Joseph Papp and the Public Theater: American Playwrights

Year: 1976, 54 mins
Code: CAT-Pap

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This program explores some of the goals and techniques of Joe Papp's famous enterprise in New York City, The Public Theater. Several plays are seen in excerpt form as finished productions or works in progress.
Theater writer-critic Margaret Croyden interviews Papp and the playwrights whose works are seen. The plays highlighted are David Freeman's "Jessie and the Bandit Queen", John Guare's "Rich and Famous", and Myrna Lamb's "Apple Pie". Ms. Croyden, Mr. Papp and the writers discuss such issues as what attracts American playwrights, what they use as raw materials for their plots and characterizations, the role of women playwrights, and the persistence of the parent-child relationship as play material.

Margaret Croyden is a well-known critic, commentator, and journalist whose articles on theatre and the arts have appeared in "The New York Times," "The Village Voice," "The Nation," "The American Theatre Magazine," "Antioch Review," "Texas Quarterly," "Transatlantic Review" and other publications.

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