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Joseph Chaikin and the Open Theater

Year: 1974, 57 mins
Code: CAT-Jos

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The Open Theater group in "Nightwalk", its last performance piece before disbanding. "Nightwalk" is a collective theater work, the creation of writers Jean-Claude van Itallie, Sam Shepard, Megan Terry, and Open Theater director Joseph Chaikin, as well as the actors. It is a montage of surreal situations that examine the human condition in worlds both real and fantastic, presenting exaggerations of human pretensions. Human and birdlike creatures weave in and out. The "plot" is a journey, liberated from conventional thought. Colour

Joseph Chaikin was an American theatre director, actor, playwright, and pedagogue. Merrill Brockway, a director and producer who brought high art to millions of Americans by presenting many of the 20th century’s greatest dancers and choreographers on the PBS television series “Dance in America,” died on May 2 in Santa Fe, N.M. He was 90.

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