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Josef Von Sternberg

Year: 1965, 27 mins
Code: CAT-Von

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Director Josef Von Sternberg and The New Republic's film critic Stanley Kauffmann discuss Von Sternberg's career in Hollywood's "golden years." Includes film clips from Von Sternberg's "The Blue Angel" with Marlene Dietrich.

At the time of this interview Von Sternberg had just published his autobiography "Fun in a Chinese Laundry." Here he talks about his background in silent films as an editor and cameraman, his ideas on film grammar, the directors who have influenced him - Buñuel, de Sica, Kurosawa, his relationship with actor Emil Jannings and with Charlie Chaplin - who produced a Von Sternberg film that played once only, and his discovery of Marlene Dietrich in a small stage role.

"The Blue Angel" was Dietrich's first successful film and was how she was first seen by American film audiences.


Josef von Sternberg was an Austrian-American filmmaker whose career successfully spanned the transition from the silent to the sound era, during which he worked with most of the major Hollywood studios.

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