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Jonas Mekas: As I was moving Ahead Occasionally I saw Brief Glimses of Beauty

Year: 2000, 280 mins
Code: RV-MekasPt1

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Life goes on, and the longest of Mekas’s diary films focuses primarily on family life, chronicling his marriage and two children in material shot between 1970-99. In this more reflective work, his filmmaking moves closer to poetry, observing the beauty and wonder of the everyday. The accumulation is ecstatic, and these fleeting moments convey the subtle joys, emotions and memories of personal and universal experience.

"As I Was Moving Ahead... is a record of subtle feelings, emotions, daily joys of people as recorded in the voices, faces and small everyday activities of people I have met, or lived with, or observed - something that I have been recording for many years. This, as opposed to the spectacular, entertaining, sensational, dramatic activities which dominate much of contemporary filmmaking.
The film is not conceived as a documentary film, however. It follows a tradition established by modern film poets. I am interested in intensifying the fleeting moments of reality by a personal way of filming and structuring my material. A lot of importance is being given to color, movement, rhythm and structure - all very essential to the subject matter I am pursuing.” - Jonas Mekas

Subtitles: English, French, Lithuanian

"As I Was Moving Ahead serves not just as a meditation on the nature of cinema, beauty, and time, but also as a monument to the bonds of family and friends. Mekas' diaries have always quivered with the tensions between past and present. This one, created by an artist soon to enter his eighth decade, finds a secret paradise in the rich harvests of a lifetime's memories." - Village Voice

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