Jenny Kemp: Still Angela - screener

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Jenny Kemp: Still Angela

Year: 2002-2004, 66 mins
Code: JK-Still2
ISBN: 978-1-921882-11-1

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One day Angela just stops and sits on her kitchen chair. She simply sits down. What happens inside Angela when she sits?" Still Angela is a multi-sided portrait of a contemporary Australian woman at three ages. On the cusp of her birthday, we follow a real and imagined journey… up the garden path of her childhood... on The Ghan into the Simpson Desert where she confronts her nemesis... into the kitchen with her lover, and at the chess board with her mother… and finally we share her extraordinary, surreal birthday party. Working the stage like painters, this exceptional team of artists build layers of meaning. By turns feverish and languid, Still Angela takes us deep within and shows us the everyday with fresh eyes.
Jenny Kemp's theatrical voice is evocative and haunting. A team of artists contribute to this thriving evolving form that places the body in a shifting landscape illuminating Angela at different phases in her life. Using film shot in the outback, choreography, an original score and a cast of performers, Still Angela paints an absorbing picture of a woman in transition on a surreal journey.

Still Angela, written by Jenny Kemp, premiered at Playbox Theatre, Melbourne 2002 as a full scale production produced by Playbox. It has been developed with the same cast and creative team which have been praised for the magical production, The Black Sequin Dress.



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