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Jean Gabin

Year: 1978, 56 mins
Code: CAT-Gab

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The career of the great French actor is remembered by some of the writers, directors and co-stars who worked with him through 50 years and 100 films, including Directors Rene Clement, Jean Dellanoy, Denys de la Patelliere, Granbier-Deferre; Actors Madeleine Renaud, Michele Morgan, Simone Simon, Jean Desailly, Francois Arnoul, Lino Ventura, Danielle Darrieux; Cinema Critics/Historians Claude Beylie, Robert Chazal; Screenwriter Michel Audiard.

Illustrated with film posters, photographs, and clips from many films including "Pepe le Moko", "Grande Illusion", "La Bete Humaine", and "Le Chat". Narrated by Nadia Gray, who played opposite Gabin in the 50's.


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