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Jasper Johns

Ideas in Paint

Year: 1989, 56 mins
Code: AH-Jasper
ISBN: 978-3-939873-03-7

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Johns emerged as the pre-eminent force in the American art scene in the late 1950s. Today, as his work fetches record prices at auction, the meanings of his paintings, his imagery and his changing style continue to be the subject of controversy. This film provides a rare look at the life, career and inspiration of this unique artist. It includes both new and vintage conversations with the painter. as well as unusual footage of Johns at work in his studio.

Extras include an information booklet, picture gallery and trailers.

Art Lives, from Arthaus, is a powerful and arresting series of documentaries on artists and art movements released for the first time on DVD in the English language.

Director: Rick Tejada-Flores

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