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It Droppeth as the Gentle Rain

Year: 1963, 6.25 mins
Code: AT-Gentle

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Short film is based on the ballet 'Les Fausses Sceptiques' by the French film scenarist and surrealist poet Jacques Prevert. Lifelong avant gardist Albie Thoms' early effort  in 1963 was made with Bruce Beresford starring Germain Greer and shot by Mike Molloy, who went on to work for Stanley Kubrick. Film was made for the Sydney University Dramatic Society production 'A Revue of the Absurd'.

Performers: Germaine Greer ; Terence McMullen ; Cam Perry ; Lyn Collingwood

Cinematographer, Director of photography: Mike Molloy
Director: Bruce Beresford, Albie Thoms
Editor (Film): Bruce Beresford
Editor (Sound): David Perry


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