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Year: 2010, 45 mins
Code: PFR-Intime
ISBN: 978-1-921895-00-5

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Solitude, desire, love, physical contact, violence, power, subjection, possession, honesty, dissimulation… struggles fought by everyone throughout their life, even if maybe not so desperately as the dancers on the stage in this choreography of Pál Frenák. The tense theatrical pulsation of male and female roles, loneliness and togetherness, suffering and happiness, personalism and objectiveness call us to realise ourselves.

“The unusual power of Frenák’s style has set an example for the next generation and sent waves of liberation in many directions. Echoes of his work resound in the choreography, music and visual aspects of other contemporary artists’ work. Frenák’s art resonates in the audience too; people, hungry for his message, go back to see the same performances again and again. The reason is perhaps that this truly subjective and theoretically unclassifiable stage poetry holds a secret that can hardly be conveyed in words, yet it has been with us all along; something beyond our grasp, but the absence of which is so very familiar.”  (Márta Péter)

Pál Frenák was born in Budapest in 1957. His childhood was marked by the fact that his parents were severely hearing and speech impaired, making sign language his first means of expression. This rendered him especially receptive towards mimicry and gestures and all other ways of expressing content with the help of the human body. In 1999, he transformed the ten-year-old Compagnie Pal Frenak into a Hungarian-French international cooperation by working together with young Hungarian dancers. The ensemble, now performing both in Paris, in Budapest, and all over the world, and is widely known for its unique style of dance that integrates mimicry, sign language and body language, combined with carefully chosen elements of circus, theater, fashion and contemporary music.

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