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Interview with Garry Stewart

Year: 2007, 13 mins
Code: EX-Is13aS

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Blurring the boundaries between the fine and applied arts.

GARRY STEWART Artistic Director of ADT
2006 Helpmann Award Winners Garry Stewart has built a reputation for pushing dance- and his dancers-beyond conventional limits. In Devolution, Stewart collaborates with Canadian multi-disciplinary artist Louis-Philippe Demers and UK video artist Gina Czarnecki and goes one step further, with the introduction of robotics. Prosthetic limbs, large-scale ambulating robotic creatures, robotic spines and a kinetic set and lighting design-is the relationship between machine and body symbiotic or antagonistic? Exploring concepts of mutation and evolution, the nature of consciousness and co-habitation, Devolution pushes ADT's extraordinary, dancers in new directions, creating a unique world the likes of which theatre has never produced before.

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